Louisville Fastpitch Bat LXT 2016

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The LXT is back, all-new and improved from last year, and with a new name… the LXT PLUS!


Louisville Slugger constructs the 2016 LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat with 100% Composite material and a TRU3 Design, which is a 3-piece bat construction that gives you explosive power transfer and trampoline effect at the moment of impact. Also, the TRU3 barrel-to-handle connection doesn’t allow the barrel and the handle to touch, ultimately disallowing that energy from seeping to your hands that would normally cause vibration/sting. This allows you to swing fast and hard, without limitation. The LXT Plus is also made with a Balanced Swing Weight, so you have great bat control and fast swing speed while going through the hitting zone. The new Performance Plus Composite material gives the LXT Plus great durability with a zero friction wall design, so the barrel on this bat is going to play soft and strong day in and day out. The S1iD Technology also gives you the lightest feel possible with maximum pop, all while staying within legal rules and regulations.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 6 x 4 in

33in -10, 33in -9


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